Into the Forests
Serenity with Tea and Greenness


Its name is derived from the Chinese meaning: the origin of Beishi River. It has been an important experimental forest since Taiwan was under Japanese colonial rule. Xitou is located in the Phoenix hill of Alishan and grows Taiwania, Cryptomeria, Zelkova, and many other different kinds of trees. TAIWANIA is the
only plant named after Taiwan.


A rustic cabin hidden in the forest and made by very rare Cypress trees. Magnificent spectacles spread themselves out before the eyes of travelers. Enjoy the tranquility of KOYA XISHAN with heartfelt hospitality.


Brew a pot of tea and enjoy its precious tastefulness. Indulge yourself in serene mountains and your five senses will be awaken by the nature.


Exploring a crafted journey with exceptional experience in cuisines. Executive chef, Yu-Sheng Chen, also renowned as the chef in a famous television cooking
show in Taiwan. He has great expertise of Chinese and French cuisine and worked in the Michelin-starred restaurant, Florilege. After he came back from Japan, he became a chef in his hometown restaurant, Gubami, a beef noodle restaurant. He devoted to it and made it on the list of Michelin Bib Gourmand recommended restaurants of Taichung.


To fulfill the responsibility of sustainability and respect the nature, KOYA XISHAN uses a variety of methods to help save the earth. For example, we use diatomaceous earth as wall material to lower the humidity, also provide reusable canvas bags and stainless thermos bottles for travelers to purchase and use while hiking in Xitou.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

    The climate in Xitou is relatively cool and humid. KOYA XISHAN uses diatomaceous earth as wall material to lower the humidity and purify the air with zero pollution to the environment to fulfill the responsibility of sustainability.

  • XISHAN Stainless Thermos

    Partnered with Zojirushi, KOYA XISHAN encourages travelers to use it when hiking in the mountains in place of disposable drink packaging. Get a cup of free POUYUENJI curated tea while purchasing the XISHAN Stainless Thermos and enjoy 20% off discount when ordering POUYUENJI curated tea in XISHAN Shop.